Bug a Boo”: Unmasking the Glamour with Minelli Bug a Boo by Minelli emerges as an electrifying anthem fearlessly calling out the phonies and posers who squander your time with hollow gestures. Boasting infectious beats and an irresistible rhythm, this track effortlessly captivates, compelling you to belt out its lyrics and hit the dance floor in no time. Minelli s poignant lyrics, written by her and brought to life by the production of Viky Red, slice through the deceit, confronting those who only feign support when it suits them. The song s energy is palpable, drawing you in with its pulsating tempo and empowering message. With each listen, you re emboldened to shed the insincere individuals who don t have your best interests at heart. Bug a Boo emerges as the quintessential anthem for anyone fed up with navigating through fake facades and ready to wholeheartedly embrace their authentic selves. In the glamorous music video for Bug a Boo , directed by Quba, with DOP - David Mogan, viewers witness Minelli navigating a lavish party with confidence, despite her reluctance to be there. Surrounded by opulence, she gracefully deflects superficial interactions while delivering a captivating performance. Ultimately, the video celebrates her authenticity and resilience, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself amidst societal pressures. Minelli is one of the most successful artists and composers in Eastern Europe, having penned numerous hits for both herself and other successful artists. Her latest album Silver & Gold Chapter II, has made its way into some of the largest Spotify and Apple Music playlists, garnering streams from across Europe. Silver & Gold has been widely acclaimed worldwide, accumulating over 30 million listens on Spotify