The Terri Green Project

Terri reached out longtime bandmate from her old dance act Avantgarde member, Jerry Ropero known for his worldwide smash with Terri, Get Down, also know for his super hits Corazon and Touch Me (with Abigail Bailey) sprinkled the track with his special touch, giving the classic soul number a club floor pump for which he is well known. Italian based Dj producers, Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn & Fabio Magistris lend a very suited club mix to the release as well as a boogie-down retro version from BoogieKnights of Austrailia. Hamburg soul Dj, King Chronic offers a disco fused mix that keeps the track in tact but delightfully push-es the tempo. After a #1 Soul album in September 2019, and a #1 single Night to Remember, and recently topping the US Inde-pendent Soul Charts at #1 with Never Gonna Let, 2020 is sure to be a winner for the band and the sky is the limit. GENRE: Dance, Soul, R&B, pop Label: Euro Musik Writers /Composers - Terri Bjerre, Torsten Abrolat Publishers - Reservior 416 (BMI), Edition Terribmusic, Admin Roba