DJ Combo & Mr. Shammi

DJ Combo & Mr. Shammi - Beep Beep "Beep Beep" is a new hot track of DJ Combo & Mr. Shammi. The song contains a modern Reggeaton arrangment and unique, catchy vocals of Mr. Shammi. The single brings a lot of positive energy & feeling and has all to become the hottest Reggeaton track this summer! Enjoy! Mr. Shammi, the U.S.based, Caribbean-born singer, delivers fast paced, high energy lyrics for a slew of summer savvy songs all of which have gained attention in clubs and radio stations throughout Europe, Asia, South America and beyond. He is known for his collaboration with many artists like Bob Sinclar, Darius & Finlay, DJ Sanny J and many more. DJ Combo, multitalented music producer & DJ from Poland has released over 100 singles in the last 4 years. He had many top 10 hits in various countries across Europe, over 10 million views on Youtube and over 3 million streams on Spotify. He has been working with artists like Loona, Geo Da Silva, Tony T, Iwona Węgrowska, Mr. Shammi, Big Daddi, Alba Kras, Papajam, Julia Jaroszewska, Shainy El Brillante, Danilo Orsini, Donnie Ozone, MC Duro, DJ Samuel Kimko, Housecrusherzzz, DJ Sanny J, Jason Parker, Fabian DelGrosso, Maureen Sky Jones, Stella Kazarian, Nadia, Discoman, SANDER-7