DJ Pierre & Todd Terry feat. Vonny & Clyde

DJ Pierre & Todd Terry feat. Vonny & Clyde - Elevator (Lift Me Up) RUN DEEP is proud to welcome one of the original producers of the 80s Chicago scene: King of the hardcore house-mixers DJ Pierre. Since pioneering this new direction within dance music he has had an impressive and prolific career. Initially his love of music and technology allowed him to suddenly blossom from making music in his parents basement to becoming a key player in house musics formative years. By the late 80s DJ Pierre was synonymous with the acid house sound, as well as highly respected DJ. The result of his collaboration with another true legend is awesome: To produce "Elevator" he hit the lab with Grammy Award nominated DJ/Producer Todd Terry, who has been engulfed in dance music since he first started listening to European dance music records while growing up in Brooklyn. From SNAP to Annie Lennox to George Michael to Bjork, Todds mixes bridge the ground between club cool and commercial accessibility. Together with Swiss music project "Vonny & Clyde", who blew the Swiss DJ Charts away hitting #3 in the top 100 as well as the British Dance Charts, the two legends deliver a house music joint galore.