Visioneight & Junior Fuzah

Visioneight & Junior Fuzah "Safari Love" Visioneight has worked hard in recent months. After "Like a Butterfly" with Poediction & Efimia, the next project already follows, the upcoming collaboration is with Junior Fuzah. He comes originally from France, but has African influences in his songs. The story behind it is that Junior Fuzah came to Mellowave to produce the original "Safari Love" version. The song was then heard by Visioneight, he had an idea to produce the song with a cool house beat.This track immediately puts you in a good mood and makes you wanna dance and you will not get the main melody out of your head anymore. I hope you enjoy it. Mellowave Records 2018 Mellowave on Facebook: Visioneight on Facebook: Mellowave Soundcloud: YOUTUBE: